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British Democratic Party

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british democratic party
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Already starting to seem like a party of cranks. This rant actually continued in the same monotonous vein but this is all I could be bothered to screen grab. It has since been removed from their Facebook page.


SWP Rape

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I’ll assume readers are familiar with the accusation of rape against the former Central Committee member and national secretary and present full timer for the Socialist Workers Party, Martin Smith, and the party’s subsequent kangaroo court. Here is the latest…

Nick Cohen reported:

Anna Chen saw the misogyny up close. She stopped working as a comic and poet in the early 2000s to devote every waking hour slaving for the Socialist Alliance, Stop the War and other SWP front organisations. “Because the revolution comes first, human beings are just disposable,” she told me. “I was struck by how sexless and ugly the leading men in the SWP were. But they always had women. If you slept with one of them, they promoted you. It was as basic as that.”

Anna adds on her own blog:

I looked from pig to man and then man to pig and then back again and wondered who’d look better in a bacon sandwich. Then I looked a bit harder and realised that the senior women had been part of what I once rudely called the “fuck-circuit”: two power couples at the top; a complicated nexus of, ahem, “relationships” over the years; Lindsey calling me into a room at SWP HQ (said to be swept for bugs) to grill me on my new boyfriend. They are OK if you come already attached to a partner but woe betide you if you change partners and the lucky fella’s not from the SWP pool. As the sympathetic partner of a senior member told me regarding my treatment, “It’s because you’re not available.”

So far only one person from the Central Committee, Mark Bergfeld, has resigned. Bergfields letter of resignation reads:


The new CC is set on a course that will do immense damage to the party and its work. If it pursues this direction further the inevitable result will be an irreparable breakdown in relations within the party and with wider forces on the left. This has already created huge damage among our student groups. It now threatens to spread much further.

Lets hope so. Perhaps the best known current member of the party, Richard Seymour, is in open revolt. Seymour writes a popular blog and his books get reviewed by mainstream newspapers and he is therefor perhaps too valuable for the SWP to purge. While I do hope the party disintegrates I’m sure something equally repellent will take its place.

Alex Callinicos, a Professor of European Studies at King’s College London and a Central Committee member has apparently called for lynch mobs to deal with the situation:

If party members refuse to accept the legitimacy of the decisions taken at the special conference, “lynch mobs” (his words) will be formed.

This is certainly not the first case of this sort on the far-left. Gerry Healy is the most infamous example, but there are others. As one left blogger recounts:

In 1988 one Mark Curtis was arrested in Des Moines, Iowa, on a charge of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl, and subsequently convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Curtis was a member of the US Socialist Workers Party, no relation to the British organisation of the same name.

How did the US Socialist Workers Party react?

by claiming a huge state conspiracy to frame up Curtis on account of his political beliefs. This was not very likely from a glance at the facts of the case… In fact the evidence against Curtis, who was literally caught with his trousers down, was overwhelming. Still, it did allow the Barnesites to launch a large-scale defence campaign, publishing a book about Curtis’ martyrdom, getting various union figures and leftist celebrities to sign Free Mark Curtis petitions, and not least, raising money for the cause. It seems, incidentally, that the Barnesite leadership themselves didn’t have much faith in Curtis’ story, as his party membership was quietly terminated at some point after his release from prison.

The German sister group to the SWP also had a very experience (as recounted here):

In mid-2001 Linksruck entered a deep crisis that resulted in a split in the organisation. An accusation was raised within the organisation that the [Central Committee] CC had covered up a case of sexual assault involving a member of the organisation’s inner circle and even protected the accused. Following this, multiple cases of sexual harassment and assault by another member of the CC came to light. The CC had been aware of these allegations for some time but had not reacted to them. This accorded to their logic that leadership was the critical element in building the organisation, and thus must be protected at nearly all costs. After this we learned of another CC member’s embezzlement of party funds to pay for calls to phone sex hot-lines. The outrage amongst the membership was, as you can imagine, immense.

Searchlight Paranoia

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Sonia Gable:

“I don’t subscribe to the view that the EDL was set up by the security services to achieve some nefarious purpose of the secret state, but that does not preclude the secret state recruiting among its key activists or placing its own people at its heart. Whether Lennon/Harris/Robinson is one such, and went off the rails and was abandoned, his purpose over, we may never find out.”

Britain’s Deal with the Devil

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This is a screengrab from an agreement between the British government and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It was signed in September but was barely reported on. On 7 February 2013 Baroness Warsi addressed the organisations summit in Cairo:

“I know that the OIC has for many years been concerned about the scourge of Islamophobia, or anti-Muslim hatred, and other hate speech…I am also deeply concerned about this issue.”

Its ‘concern about this issue’ has manifested itself in an attempt to establish a worldwide blasphemy law. The OIC has 57 member states, making it the second largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations. It is headquartered in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1969 and it is hard to discern why William Hague now deems it appropriate to establish a relationship with such an organization after so many decades of appropriate neglect. Britain has now appointed Mohammed Shokat as UK Special Representative to the OIC.

In 2011 the U.N. General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning religious intolerance but this certainly is not enough for a group whose goal is clearly a blasphemy law.
Al Arabiya reports:

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), said the international community should “come out of hiding from behind the excuse of freedom of expression”, a reference to Western arguments against a universal blasphemy law that the OIC has sought for over a decade.

Sayeeda Warsi became the first British Minister to address an OIC annual conference in June 2011. Warsi tweeted that we have a ‘shared interest’ in ‘human rights’. The Cairo Declaration (the OIC’s Islamic alternative to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) makes it clear that the OIC’s interpretation of human rights is sharia law.


“This agreement is another significant step in strengthening the vital relationship between the UK and the OIC. When I addressed the OIC Conference in Kazakhstan in June 2011, I said we face the global challenges together. This agreement formalises that establishing our many, many areas of co-operation, from security to conflict prevention; from religious freedom to human rights. One of the central aims of my new role will be to strengthen this relationship further and I am looking forward to ensuring we continue to work closely to achieve our mutual goals.”

Britain and the OIC have no mutual goals. The Conservative government are deranged to think otherwise. In fact as the document makes clear, the ‘cooperation’ is wholly one-sided: The UK Department for International Development aiding the OIC. The European Union is already the largest donor to the Palestinians yet Britian now agrees to focus on the ‘sustainable development’ of the Palestinian territories.

For reasons of economic necessity it is inevitable that we will have relations with some deeply reactionary regimes but we should not seek to legitimize their global totalitarian agenda.

This is what we are legitimizing.

a mentally disturbed Muslim man, arrested for blasphemy in the Punjab city of Bahawalpur, was dragged out of the police station by a crowd of 2,000 and set on fire.

There remains only a small literature on the OIC. Bat Ye’or has written two books that focus on this topic: Europe, Globalization, and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate (2011) and Eurabia (2005). While Eurabia recieved a positive blurb from the great historian Niall Ferguson, I found both books extensively referred to the authors own previous works (works which in turn refer to more of her own writing!). While neither book is entirely without use, they do not come recommended.

Anti-white shootings

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One purpose of this blog will be to highlight anti-white crime and racism. The recent trial of Nkosi Thandiwe in the United States is a case in point. He shot three white women in 2011. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

During his testimony Wednesday, Thandiwe suggested that his reason for even purchasing the gun he used in the shootings was to enforce beliefs he’d developed about white people during his later years as an anthropology major at the University of West Georgia.

“I was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonized the world, and as a result of that, we see a lot of evil today,” he said. “In terms of slavery, it was something that needed to be answered for. I was trying to spread the message of making white people mend.”

He was sentanced to 65 years in prison.