The BBC on Muslims and Jews

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

I couldn’t help noticing how the BBC News website instantly points out the religion of those involved in sexual abuse in their story about Rabbi Chaim Halpern:

“Four men have been arrested by police investigating sexual abuse allegations among the Orthodox Jewish community in north London.”

Yet the BBC commit constant elision in this regard when it comes to a certain other monotheism. This was certainly the case in their reporting of the various paedophile gangs. At most they were referred to as ‘Asian’.

Does the fact that so many BBC journalists go on to work for Al Jazeera not also tell us something about their proclivities?

Even Andrew Flanagan, CEO of the NSPCC has felt the need to say:

“Sex offenders come from all backgrounds but if there is a problem with one community in a particular area we must be bold enough to address it and not just turn a blind eye. The grooming and organised rape of vulnerable young girls is obviously a serious and disturbing crime which cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.”

Its obvious to which ‘community’ a blind eye is being turned.


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